Five Negative Effects of Using Computer before Sleeping

by   Posted on September 21, 2010 in Latest Research of Health  and tagged , , ,

With the popularity of the network, the time for people using computers is longer. Health experts have warned that using computer before going to sleep can seriously affect quality of sleep.

Under normal circumstances, people’s body temperature during the day is higher than at night. High temperature difference between the two is easy access to deep sleep. If you use computer before going to sleep, bright display and switch the program activities will have a strong stimulation to the eye and nervous system, thereby affecting the quality of sleep, or even insomnia, dreams and other sleep disorders.

In addition, the computer radiation pollution will have harmful effect on the human circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic function. More badly it will induce severe cancer, and will accelerate the proliferation of human cancer cells.

It also has adverse effects on people’s visual system, because the eyes are the body’s sensitive organs to the electromagnetic radiation, excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will impact on the visual system. Mainly to reduced vision, cause cataracts.

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